Monday, January 21, 2008

My 1st DnD session + Voice actress?

So... I decided to try DnD - Dungeons & Dragons.
And I love it. No regrets at all.

Our 1st session was on the 19th January 2008(Saturday).
It's suppose to start on 1pm, but because we had a RaveJoint gathering at Ssam Station for lunch earlier we ended up late and started around 2pm instead. Sorry KC :P

We spent 4 hours just to build our character sheets.
And of course, I chose my favourite class, the one who can heal.
I chose Cleric over Druid, because I think that suits me better. Haha.

Meet Chloe Althea Purdenius:


Robby call her Cleron though. And he insists that Cleron should be Chloe's nickname.

Check out my latest Deviantart journal post. He drew some very cute fan art of Cler.. I mean Chloe. :3

IRTeA's DeviantArt

It was crazy. Chaotic. Totally.
But it was fun. I laughed too much it hurts my jaw. Lol.

I can't wait for the next session. :)


20th January 2008 (Sunday)

Massy asked me if I can do some voice acting the day before.
She told me that I can get RM50 for doing that.
Of course I 1st ask her what kind of voice acting they need.
Since it's not p**n related, of course I want to.
RM50!! Who don't want money?? XD

It was fun!! I'm so glad I agree on doing this.
Now I feel like becoming a guest DJ too.
Of course, the one I did was recording, while the guest DJ needs you to say it 'live'.
But still, I can get money from it. So why not just try it out? :)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

Yah, that's right.
Now baru wishing everyone Happy New Year 2008!!


The CSPians!

And I got my new dress :3
It's expensive but I did not regret buying it.
It's gorgeous!

And if I'm not wrong, it's actually a replica of this dress:


Will wear this for CNY too!
Alot people said it suits CNY! XD