Monday, June 11, 2007

My Birthday Celebration with CSP!!!

Sunday, 10th June 2007
Mode Cafe@Asia City Complex

It's actually a gathering for artjam,
though it doesn't seem like an artjam anymore.
Since my birthday is near(which is on 14th June),
I told them to celebrate my birthday too.
(And I ask them to bring presents lol)
I got a lot of present from my lou gong(I Love you!),
and got some presents from the others too(Thanks everybody!)
And not to forget the cake!
I didn't expect there would be a cake!
Thanks Julian and Nicholas!
I'm so happy!! >w<

Anyways a lot of people ask for photos already...
I only have 1 group pic, some pics with Dizzy and a bunch of pics of myself! XD

I love my crown!! Bought it from Kanariya(Amber) for RM40.
And Dizzy's dress looks nice to me^^
But the material is.... >_<
She said she might wanna sell it...

And from here onwards are my personal photoshoot at Tanjung Aru and Tanjung Aru Plaza^^
Thanks lou gong for being my photographer.

Hahaha... Ok lah... That's it for my blog...
Actually there are some more photos but these are enough to put in my blog...