Thursday, December 28, 2006

KKCC Xmas Party~

A ghost?!

I'm so happy! I had a lot of fun that night!
But I didn't get to take much photos... :(
And I didn't took photos with my sis and my own friends!!!!!
Wah so sad~!!!!! My 2 friends... (Btw, they're not really gay lah, I just make fun of them...)

Me and Dizzy-chan are long lost twins.... Really! (But Dizzy-chan is much more cuter..)
Sometimes we are thinking the same thing at the same time... Heheh...
(I need to cut my front hair...)

Julian, Cubex! You guys are great! Love hanging around with you!
But I don't talk about computers as much as you guys do! Nyahaha~

The girls:

Feel free to insert any words/sentences into the speech bubble...
I'm not as creative as Julian you see!

Me, Julian, Dizzy, and lastly...........??!!!!
OMG?! Why suddenly got a mexican wrestler eating pizza at the party??!!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

The night at Gaya Street

While I was walking around that night,
I saw 2 chinese guys,
holding they're digital camera,
and looks like they were trying to take a photo of something.

They were looking at me,
and then turn their head away when I looked at them.

then I realized they were actually secretly took a picture of me... swt

That was really... Strange and funny. Lol.

Even the guy who sells cupcakes and donuts also asked me am I in a play or something... Haha.

It was fun...! I'm so happy...!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sweet Lolita goes out at Night

Tonight I went to Gaya Street because there are some events there,
my friend suggests us to go there wearing our costume.
Only me go there wearing my Sweet Lolita costume though. ^^;

I took this photo at Milimewa. I want those teddy bears...!
Anyone willing to buy the teddy bear for me as a xmas gift??? XD

I didn't took any photos at Gaya Street. It was too full of people, and the place isn't very beautiful...
So my mum took us to Warisan Square to take some photos...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Okay, so being strict is for our own good.
But, c'mon lah..!
If you're too strict and ppl can't take it,
they'll hate you, leave and never come back....

Don't be too strict!
the club will 100% dies if we keep on scolding ppl like that!
I went to the cosplay club forum, and sometimes ppl does go OOT and etc.
And what did the mods do? Remind them, that's all...
They don't go scolding the forumers, okay?

Please lah, I don't like these kind of things...
I experienced this kind of situation before.... REALLY.


When I was in PLKN, I was the ketua wirawati there...
I felt I was responsible to take care of the pelatih-pelatih,
and so I was strict, scolding them when they did the slightest mistake....

Because of that, I was hated by a lot of ppl...
Mind you, there were 300++ pelatih there...
Taking care all of them really gave me a lot of stress...
Now more than a hundred ppl hate me,
why? because I was TOO strict,
they said I was 'SKEMA',
means I was too strict on the rules.

I learned my lesson after more than 2 months,
I realized I shouldn't be too strict,
so I changed, I don't scold them too often,
I don't talk to them too seriously,
I changed my style of being the leader...
I talk to them, chat with them, laugh with them...
It was great, even though I was being scolded by the Jurulatih sometimes...
But I cared about my 300++ pelatih so much I don't really mind being scolded...
It's my duty, I'm responsible for it...

I had a lot of fun there...
That was really quite an experience...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My 2 lolita dresses

OMG!! It's been more than a year since I created this blog...
I wonder what happened back then?
Perhaps I was lazy...

Neverming about that now,
I guess I'm gonna start blogging here again...

So, about my 2 lolita dresses...
The 2 dresses are the same design, only different colour.
But I bought the black one for RM120,
while the pink one is RM30....
(Different time, different shop)

When I surf around the web for shops and pictures of more lolita dresses,
I found my dress at a website Lucky Pinky ...
It's exactly the same!!!
And it costs 6,090 japanese yen....
It's unbelieveble...!