Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gothic, Lolita and Punk Pro?


What a funny thing happened in the forum.

Don't know much about Lolita culture yet trying to correct me. Haha!

And didn't even bother to finish read and re-read other people's comments.

Misunderstood what people said yet talking like a smartass.

"No offence but this and that and bla bla bla"

"Those pic are specially taken for our promotion banner for GLP party the 1 u posted is not been edited,be understanding.u might c its different after edited. And regarding the fishnet sock, is to give the impression of gothic side of that lolitas. There's many types of lolitas, so this is 1 of it. And y there's 1 "punk" standing in the middle of them....well,our theme of the gathering is GLP,gothic/PUNK/,it's one of the please understanding.ppl won't get misunderstanding if the photos has been edited."

And asking me to be understanding because the photo not yet been edited??

LOL what kind of crap is that??

So the outfits are only for taking photos, and edit them, and then put them in the internet?
Not for wearing outside?


Anyway I said 'people misunderstood Lolita with Punk fashion' is because some random people I found in Friendster saw a model of yours wearing Lolita but they said it's Punk, you mis-read it and misunderstood me. Try re-read the comments if you're English is not so good =D

"i dun find there's problem if they remain cool.may i ask u sumthing, did u ever c punk/gothic lolita smile when they take photos.sorry,no offence...."

Ya I also don't have problem with that. But... Excuse me? Punk/Gothic Lolita??
I'm sorry but that one is not Punk nor Gothic Lolita.................. You have a lot more to learn.

I just knew about that Punk can't smile when take photos... is it true??

"i personally dun think it's nice with normal type of lolitas socks"

"yeah, country loli never wear fishnet,but on her, she looks better with fishnet.sorry no offence......"

What did you say?

Hahahaha all your posts are funny!!

You personally think it's not nice, and you agree with me Country Lolita don't wear fishnets stockings, but the model looks better with the fishnets. Hmm...

And btw I don't really understand what are talking about here:

"ok,there's nothing wrong if ppl insist to wear fishnet eventhough it's not original lolita wear.cause it may shows the sexy side of the loli.but not in that red loli,cause it's more to country yes. u r rite....."

Anybody can explain to me?
I hope I can understand it one day. When my English is very very good.

"thanks for the passion on lolita, i really appreciated it."

I also thank you for all your hard work on posting those comments.
I also appreciate it, really.
Because you just gave me a new topic to blog!! XD