Friday, December 14, 2007

v(^_^)v HobbyCon Peace~

I know I know...
Now baru update my blog about HobbyCon!! XD;;

Sorry for the late update... haha...


I'm on the newspaper. Lolz.


Me happy.


HobbyCon Day 1: -

Nervous. Excited.
Happy. Scared.
Those were how I felt before HobbyCon started.

After the chairman's speech and our dance performance,


People were looking around at the booths...
But the most popular booth is the comic section..
Cos they were drawing! XD
And they gave out free sketches!^^

The cosplayers were walking around...
I was shocked and happy that there were so many cosplayers!!
*Hugs all cosplayers*

Alot people were taking pictures of us.
I'm so happy because that's what I wanted!!

The Popular Hare Hare Yukai dance :D

Success!! XD


HobbyCon Day 2: -

Most of us wore loli dresses that day.
And we even had a tea party!

Me and my dear <3

Before HobbyCon ended,
we performed a final Hare Hare Yukai dance...
I actually asked the others to join in as well,
well... It's not as much as the Japanese version...
But here ya go anyways ^^

After the dance...
HobbyCon 2007...




HobbyCon 2007 is a success!! \(^o^)/

Though it's a bit messy and not properly organized,
I am very satisfied because it's more than what I expected. :D

We still need to improve alot though,
but no worries,
I'm sure we'll be able to do that!

My personal favourite photo:

Yeah! Don't you dare mess with the cosplayers..
Especially female cosplayers + lolitas!
We got Hangmen as our bodyguard...
Mess with us and you'll regret it.

Credit to Julian.
Check out his blog :)

For more infos and pics about HobbyCon,
check out these links:

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

1 more week~!


I can't believe it... time flies so so fast...

1 more week to go and it's the HobbyCon...

I feel proud to be part of it.

Got my cosplay costume already.

At 1st it looks pretty weird, and thought it's a little too big.

(It does actually)

But overall, it looks beautiful!!!

I love it!! <3

1st cosplay (minus the Sailormoon one XD )

Let's go!!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

2nd time, after 7 years.


2nd time when I couldn't hold my tears in 7 years,
because of accusal.

I don't care when people talk bad about me.

But I just couldn't resist accusal.

That's the worst feeling for me.

My whole body is cold and trembling. They saw that.

I couldn't control it.

It just hurt me so much.

It hurts me when someone accused me on something I didn't do.

It's a hurtful misunderstanding.

A very serious one.

I still feel like crying.

I'll try to be more mature.

But to forget what had happened, it's impossible.

I was hated, insulted and accused.

I am not going to complain.

This is the real world.

Good and bad things happens.

You can't please everybody.

But that won't gonna let me down just like that.

It's not the end of the world yet.


Thanks CSP fellowers, you guys are really like a family to me.
I love you all.

Dear Anonymous

Anonymous said...

>>u wear lolita never make up\
>>u look stupid in pink
>>u so fat n ur softtoy is dirty n smelly n ugly dont show it
>>ur bag really is not a proper lolita bag
>>u always wear pink lolita dress only...
>>n ur pink stinky dress is not maid style ok
>>ur face very ugly n u very fat
>>n ur lao gong n like to show his tummy
>>plz live in tis world with mature way
>>n u not live in a pudding land u live in a stupid land with stupid ppl
>>u have no taste at all

Hello dear anonymous:

Thanks for viewing my blog! =D
And thanks for your comments, this is the 1st time I get this kind of comments!! ^^

I don't know who you are, but it seems that you don't know much about Lolita Culture. But it's ok, it does take some time to learn. Like me, 1 year ago I was really really a noob in this Lolita Culture. But at least I had improve! ;D

I did wear make up, natural look is the best you know! =D
Heavy make up makes the skin not good and it's like 'hiding your real face'.

I look stupid in pink? Hmm... Why is that? How can the color pink make someone look stupid? Hmm... So if I wear other color then I can look clever? Waw I just know that!

I may be not thin, but I am not fat either. I don't know if you can tell the difference though. Or maybe you are too skinny like a skeleton that made you think I'm so fat? Poor you...
My softtoy is smelly and ugly and you ask me to not show it? Waw you can smell the item through images in the computer! Unfortunately I think you have a bad sense of smell and eyesight, because it isn't dirty nor smelly, and I don't think it's ugly at all! Maybe you think sh*t is cleaner, smells nicer and pretty?

Ah, my bag, yea I guess so. You're right. But no worries I got some new loli bags already. And someone told me it's good to 'Mix & Match'. But I know how to match it right, so no worries. ^^

Hm... It seems that you haven't saw my Friendster profile? I wear a lot kinds of lolita dresses already. Maybe you should go check it out. ^^

That one, my dear, is maid style sweet lolita. Make good use of the internet. It can help you alot. =)

Hm... So you think my face is very ugly and I'm very fat? 9 people says no and 1 say yes. That 1 person is you. So you lose. =)

My lou gong got cute round tummy! ^^ weeee got big round tummy means happy, healthy and wealthy you know!
There's this couple husband and wife,the wife is sooo skinny like a skeleton while the husband is fat and short and he shows tummy too! Haha!

I do live this world in a mature way, maybe you can't see it. But it's ok. I also hope you will live this world in a mature way, not flaming other people with your random comments which doesn't make any sense at all.

I like puddings. =D
And yes, I do live in a stupid land with stupid ppl. That's why I met a stupid people like you ;D

I do have taste. I can taste all the food and they taste great! =D

Thanks again, dear anonymous.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gothic, Lolita and Punk Pro?


What a funny thing happened in the forum.

Don't know much about Lolita culture yet trying to correct me. Haha!

And didn't even bother to finish read and re-read other people's comments.

Misunderstood what people said yet talking like a smartass.

"No offence but this and that and bla bla bla"

"Those pic are specially taken for our promotion banner for GLP party the 1 u posted is not been edited,be understanding.u might c its different after edited. And regarding the fishnet sock, is to give the impression of gothic side of that lolitas. There's many types of lolitas, so this is 1 of it. And y there's 1 "punk" standing in the middle of them....well,our theme of the gathering is GLP,gothic/PUNK/,it's one of the please understanding.ppl won't get misunderstanding if the photos has been edited."

And asking me to be understanding because the photo not yet been edited??

LOL what kind of crap is that??

So the outfits are only for taking photos, and edit them, and then put them in the internet?
Not for wearing outside?


Anyway I said 'people misunderstood Lolita with Punk fashion' is because some random people I found in Friendster saw a model of yours wearing Lolita but they said it's Punk, you mis-read it and misunderstood me. Try re-read the comments if you're English is not so good =D

"i dun find there's problem if they remain cool.may i ask u sumthing, did u ever c punk/gothic lolita smile when they take photos.sorry,no offence...."

Ya I also don't have problem with that. But... Excuse me? Punk/Gothic Lolita??
I'm sorry but that one is not Punk nor Gothic Lolita.................. You have a lot more to learn.

I just knew about that Punk can't smile when take photos... is it true??

"i personally dun think it's nice with normal type of lolitas socks"

"yeah, country loli never wear fishnet,but on her, she looks better with fishnet.sorry no offence......"

What did you say?

Hahahaha all your posts are funny!!

You personally think it's not nice, and you agree with me Country Lolita don't wear fishnets stockings, but the model looks better with the fishnets. Hmm...

And btw I don't really understand what are talking about here:

"ok,there's nothing wrong if ppl insist to wear fishnet eventhough it's not original lolita wear.cause it may shows the sexy side of the loli.but not in that red loli,cause it's more to country yes. u r rite....."

Anybody can explain to me?
I hope I can understand it one day. When my English is very very good.

"thanks for the passion on lolita, i really appreciated it."

I also thank you for all your hard work on posting those comments.
I also appreciate it, really.
Because you just gave me a new topic to blog!! XD

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Again Lol

I reseted my password again.

I think this time I won't have problem logging in to Blogger again. sigh

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Reseted the password for my blogger account already lolz XD
Now I can blog here again!!


Monday, June 11, 2007

My Birthday Celebration with CSP!!!

Sunday, 10th June 2007
Mode Cafe@Asia City Complex

It's actually a gathering for artjam,
though it doesn't seem like an artjam anymore.
Since my birthday is near(which is on 14th June),
I told them to celebrate my birthday too.
(And I ask them to bring presents lol)
I got a lot of present from my lou gong(I Love you!),
and got some presents from the others too(Thanks everybody!)
And not to forget the cake!
I didn't expect there would be a cake!
Thanks Julian and Nicholas!
I'm so happy!! >w<

Anyways a lot of people ask for photos already...
I only have 1 group pic, some pics with Dizzy and a bunch of pics of myself! XD

I love my crown!! Bought it from Kanariya(Amber) for RM40.
And Dizzy's dress looks nice to me^^
But the material is.... >_<
She said she might wanna sell it...

And from here onwards are my personal photoshoot at Tanjung Aru and Tanjung Aru Plaza^^
Thanks lou gong for being my photographer.

Hahaha... Ok lah... That's it for my blog...
Actually there are some more photos but these are enough to put in my blog...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Usagi + Yogur Berry

Another new Japanese restaurant,
is now open at Karamunsing Complex.


The atmosphere is very nice...

The sushi train...
(No charges on the wasabi and pickled ginger... They just put them there...)

This is 'Teppan'... Grill it yourself I supposed..?

Whoa~! Monitors??

Yup.... But it's not for surfing the web....
It's for 'Surfing The Menu'..... ^^
I'm not sure how to use it because it hasn't start operating yet...
They said it probably will start this Sunday....

Anyway, I ordered chicken teriyaki set...
(I forgot the Japanese name for it.... haha...)


The chicken is really delicious! Sweet!
I love the taste, but I think it's too little...
The yellow thing in the blue cup is chawanmushi, steam egg.
It taste like normal steam egg, so no comment about that.
The miso soup is a bit too salty for me...

And RM1 for a cup of ocha(Tea)...

The prices above are not yet inclusive of 10% service tax. XD

Anyway, I love the place, like the food, but i don't like the price. XD
It's a bit too expensive for me.. heheh..
Really, most of the food are expensive...
The set I ordered is the cheapest already... (For the lunch/dinner set section lah)

I give it....
4 out of 5


Got Yogurt?
(Click it please....)


This, is the place where you can get the slimming yogurt...

Situated at Warisan Square, Ground Floor,
just beside VedaBlu.
Behind Secret Recipe.

Inside Yogur Berry...

You can see the choices of toppings from here....
Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the choices of toppings.

Nice ceiling..... ^^

Outside they put some sample of the food and drinks they serve there...

Note: It's not real...

Looks yummy don't you think so??

So I went in to grab some yogurt....
It makes me drool looking at the 'fake' yogurt...

My mum ordered 'Roti Ikan'.

It looks like 'Taiyaki'. I think it's 'Taiyaki'...

Inside the 'Roti Ikan' is red bean filling.

It's cold and it doesn't taste nice.

I like the one at JFC(Japanese Food Court)...
But now there is no more JFC... It changed to Usagi...

But Usagi don't have 'Taiyaki'....


It's RM3 for 2 pieces.


And now....
For the moment of truth...

MY YOGURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What the..?!!!!

What is THAT??!!!

It is so not the same with the one they showed..
The sample.. The artificial one...

And it costs RM8.50++

I am so disappointed...
Very very disappointed...

Actually, I saw other people's yogurts are not so ugly...
'Ngam-ngam' mine they made it look so bad...

But still, the yogurt is very little.
The toppings too.
Oh, and here's the menu:

Click it to enlarge and take a look on the menu.

Yes, so, for the Frozen Yogurt,
you can choose single, double or triple scoop.
And then, different charges for the toppings.


The one I chose is single scoop Frozen Yogurt with 3 toppings.
I chose chocolate syrup, mango and peach.
So that thing cost me RM8.50

And there's 5% government tax too.

By the way, I think a Korean guy open this shop...
Because there's this one guy spoke Korean to some customers...

Even the tissue got Korean words....

For Yogur Berry, I give...

2 out of 5

Sorry! Your yogurt actually taste nice but it's too expensive, not really worth it,
and YOU GAVE ME AN UGLY LOOKING YOGURT..................................

Monday, April 30, 2007

Kamikaze Girls

I just bought a new manga today!
Erm.. well.. actually my bf want to buy it for me..
But I want to buy it myself.... RM8 only mah... haha~ XD

Anyway, I bought this:

Kamikaze Girls!
Based on the movie.. err yea, Kamikaze Girls. XD
Or the Japanese title, 'shimotsuma monogatari'.

I haven't watch the movie!
Still downloading it.... >_< style="font-style: italic;">Baby, The Stars Shine Bright lolita dress?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Finally!! .. + .. This is SADNESS!!!!

I finally can update my blog here....
'cos I just registered google account..
last time no need, so I was a bit confused why can't I log in.... haih~


today went for artjam at Asia City Complex's Mode Cafe and PIU at KK Plaza...
Went home and saw my mum was playing 'Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy Itadaki Street',
a monopoly-like game.
It's one of my favourite PS2 game....

The sad thing is....

I played this game since last year and unlocked a lot of secret characters and maps already....
But my mum didn't load the game but she overwrote the previous data!!!!
Now the data's gone!
Gone forever~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's 96% completed.....
Now.. Now it's...
It's gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, March 11, 2007

KKCC Outing

Today is our 1st KKCC Outing.
We went to Yoshimi Japanese Restaurant for lunch.

I didn't take much photos... I want photos taken from Julian's camera.. XD

So here's the girls and guys:

After that we're supposed to take more photos at CP,
But suddenly my sis Rina fell ill...!!
Maybe it's her allergy, but it might be the raw fish she ate at Yoshimi just now too.
She nearly pass out, so we rush her to the nearest clinic at Api-api.
Thank God she's alright.


But of course, I am unhappy and dissatisfied...
I wanted to take more photos, take photo sticker with the girls,
and I actually wanted to drink something at Starbucks..................


Sad, sad day...

This outing today, Game Over.
... To be continued...??

Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy CNY~~

Happy Chinese New Year 2007~~
Went to Daniel & Julian's house!! (CSP Forumers :D)
Too bad I got to Dan's house kinda late...
So I didn't get ang pao..... T.T
After that went to Julian's house..
Aiya there no ang pao too.... T.T
I forgot to take photo at Julian's house...
This one is at Dan's house....

And this one is at my cousins' house.. (Father's side)