Sunday, March 11, 2007

KKCC Outing

Today is our 1st KKCC Outing.
We went to Yoshimi Japanese Restaurant for lunch.

I didn't take much photos... I want photos taken from Julian's camera.. XD

So here's the girls and guys:

After that we're supposed to take more photos at CP,
But suddenly my sis Rina fell ill...!!
Maybe it's her allergy, but it might be the raw fish she ate at Yoshimi just now too.
She nearly pass out, so we rush her to the nearest clinic at Api-api.
Thank God she's alright.


But of course, I am unhappy and dissatisfied...
I wanted to take more photos, take photo sticker with the girls,
and I actually wanted to drink something at Starbucks..................


Sad, sad day...

This outing today, Game Over.
... To be continued...??