Monday, January 22, 2007

I am IRT

Suddenly a lot of things are happening around me.

I feel like a lot of things had change,
and yet so much things hasn't change at all.

Have I change?

What I know is, I'm feeling more happy right now.
ClickStartPlay made me happy. ^_^
There's a lot of weirdos there! Muahahaha!!

Now that we have our KK Manga Project, is it a good news or bad news for me?

I love to draw, but right now I just started studying at college.

Will it affect my study?
I think it will.

I think 2007 is gonna be a busy year.

I don't mind being busy, as long as I'm happy! :D

Saturday, January 06, 2007


I think Spring is coming...~~~
Is Spring coming???
I feel like Spring is coming~~
You know what I mean..??
I don't know... I'm not sure...
But now I'm feeling happy~
Happy~ Happy~ Happy~~~~
This year is gonna be a great year~
That's what I think anyway... Lol.........
But yeah~ Meeting new friends feel good~~
Sings: "I feel good nanananananana~~"

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Xmas at Kundasang

And so my mum & I went to Kundasang's new resort called Celyn Resort...
It's time for the annual Xmas Party with the cousins~~~
Year 2006's theme was Superheroes...

First.. Look at the view...
Beautiful... Cold & Misty~~~

I like that place. Despite of the millions of insects and the yellowish water... =/

Last year's xmas was fun...
Absolutely fun...!!!
Of course we have our main 3 contests...
Duet Karaoke, Group Dancing and Costume Competition...

I was very unsatisfied when me & my mum didn't win the Duet Karaoke,
our costume and actions were good....(My voice sucks though)
We didn't win because the judge bias... They let their friends win...

The next contests were judged by other people though, there are some people who stayed at the resort as well^^

I don't expect to win Group Dancing, we didn't prepare any dance moves actually....
But we did get consolation prize, because there's only a few contestants...

Superhero costume competition...!
The funniest competition...!!!

Chaston as a random Ninja Shinobi, Lance as Conan(Not the detective lah), Louis as Batman, Gideon as Zorro, Boy as Superman, Bronson as Rambo and one last contestant...
Bexbert as Sasuke.
Lol. It's a last mintue entry(he's been forced) so his costume is not a costume at all...

I tell you, their actions are so so sooooo damn hilarious...!!!!! XD
Right now I'm just waiting for the video cd.... :3

Chaston was so great, he made a somersault and throws some shuriken in front of the judges. He even bring some powder and blew it making it look like smokes came out and he disappeared...
Lance & Louis joined this for the 1st time, so the didn't do much action.
Bronson's action was funny too... He brings toy gun, bows & arrows and a toy knife...
Those sounds he made was damn funny...!!! Boy put a few chairs in front of the judges, and he lies on the chair and posed as if he's flying in the sky.... XD
Bex.. Even though he didn't have his costume, his actions was great too...!
He also had a shuriken with him. He slide in front of the judges and made some Sasuke-like moves... he's so cool!! I love him very much!! So young so good-looking.. He really look a bit like Sasuke to me..!! ^^

Ashley as Catwoman "A", my mum as Catwoman "B"(Lol), Bella as Card Captor Sakura(Last minute entry, and she uses Poker cards as the Clow Cards...), Kate as Chun-Li(VERY very last minute, she actually didn't participate, but since there's only a few contestants, she decided to join for fun...), there's even Audrey as Gaara!!! OMG!!! And me as Sailormoon....

Ashley did well, really Halle Berry look-a-like. My mum, well.... :-X
Bella just spin and throw the cards... Kate kicks and play with a sword(sword? Since when Chun-Li has a sword???) I got nervous when I sing my Sailormoon song, but I did the 'dengan kuasa bulan aku menghukum mu!!!' XD

Audrey.. She's so great... She speak Japanese!! Not sure if it's right or not though.... XD
"*somethinginjapanese* transalation, lindungan pasir!!!!"
Then she take a sarong flips it....
"*somethinginjapanese* transalation, something pasir!!!"
Then a 'kelefe' comes out and she put her hand out as if some kind of power and the 'kelefe' fell down as if something is preventing him to move....


I can't wait for another Christmas Party with my cousins!!!
Aiya.. Have to wait for another year..... ;_;