Monday, October 12, 2009

It's not a small matter

There are some stuffs that one should not treat it as a small matter,
especially if you are not one of the people who went through all those stuffs...

Because you were not there,
you don't know everything,
you don't know what really happened...

To us, it is not a small matter at all.
Even if the other party might tell you it's just a small matter,
a 'misunderstanding'.

I know how to differentiate 'misunderstanding' and what's not.
What happened back then was definitely NOT a misunderstanding.
How much sweat and tears I shed back then.
How hurt I was, how painful it was...
The tears I shed because of those people are no lies,
No lies at all.
It's not a small matter that I can forgive so easily.
How serious it was? Very.
Like how you felt when your friends backstabbed you, betrayed you...

I don't know what they said to everyone out there...
But I will no longer trust them.
Bad stuffs about me might continue to spread...
I can't really do anything about it.
Backstab, backstab, backstab...
I've gotten used to it.

In the end it really depends on the people who hears them whether they believe the story told by one-side only or not.

Never trust anyone 100%.
Listen to both sides, but both sides might be exaggerating too.
You will never know the real truth.
So it's only up to you..
To decide on what you should think and do about it.

But really.. It's not a small matter.
It's huge matter to me that it became the biggest lesson of my life.
A lesson that teaches me to view the people and the world differently.

People.. change.
One who were friends before but not anymore...

I still feel like crying, thinking back.

But.. Sorry, things will never be the same again.
I will never forgive and forget what has happened back then...