Monday, April 30, 2007

Kamikaze Girls

I just bought a new manga today!
Erm.. well.. actually my bf want to buy it for me..
But I want to buy it myself.... RM8 only mah... haha~ XD

Anyway, I bought this:

Kamikaze Girls!
Based on the movie.. err yea, Kamikaze Girls. XD
Or the Japanese title, 'shimotsuma monogatari'.

I haven't watch the movie!
Still downloading it.... >_< style="font-style: italic;">Baby, The Stars Shine Bright lolita dress?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Finally!! .. + .. This is SADNESS!!!!

I finally can update my blog here....
'cos I just registered google account..
last time no need, so I was a bit confused why can't I log in.... haih~


today went for artjam at Asia City Complex's Mode Cafe and PIU at KK Plaza...
Went home and saw my mum was playing 'Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy Itadaki Street',
a monopoly-like game.
It's one of my favourite PS2 game....

The sad thing is....

I played this game since last year and unlocked a lot of secret characters and maps already....
But my mum didn't load the game but she overwrote the previous data!!!!
Now the data's gone!
Gone forever~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's 96% completed.....
Now.. Now it's...
It's gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!