Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy CNY~~

Happy Chinese New Year 2007~~
Went to Daniel & Julian's house!! (CSP Forumers :D)
Too bad I got to Dan's house kinda late...
So I didn't get ang pao..... T.T
After that went to Julian's house..
Aiya there no ang pao too.... T.T
I forgot to take photo at Julian's house...
This one is at Dan's house....

And this one is at my cousins' house.. (Father's side)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not a Lonely Valentine's Day....


Yea and I thought I'm gonna be 'Lonely in Gorgeous' on V-day....
Mana tau nda pula! XD

Someone I like ask me out... :blush:
He pick me up from college... heehee~
And... I didn't expect he's gonna give me so many gifts...! @_@

If this is a manga/anime, my face went all red already... :blush:

Yea, it's a really simple sentence...
But I did the same thing.... hahaha~

Happy Valentine's Day everyone~!!! ^^

Friday, February 09, 2007

Lonely in Gorgeous

Yea, that's what I think...
"Lonely in Gorgeous", sang by Tommy February6.

Valentines Day is coming!
Lonely Valentine though.
My friends at college, all of them are excited...
All of them have boyfriends/girlfriends except me!!!
But no matter, no big deal.
I'm Lonely in Gorgeous...
Being single has it's advantages & disadvantages...
But I do envy them~~~
I feel like.. I feel like I want a boyfriend actually....
And yet there's a side of me that don't want one......!

Aww~~ What should I do???


Btw, I saw this pair of wings... I really like it and I'm thinking of buying it....
But I have to buy it secretly because my mum said 'useless, unimportant thing, waste money only'.... Lol