Sunday, January 18, 2009

Good Evening, Haters...

Good Evening, Haters..
Why so serious?


Yes I do know I have attitude problems.
I am not your kindest/nicest/sweetest girl in your neighbourhood.
I am straight forward.

And I have no problem with that.

Because I know even though I have those problems (Aw come one, no one's perfect right? Or are you telling me you have no attitude problems, that you are perfect?),
I am sincere when it comes to friendship.
I have never, and will never, USE my own friend for my own benefit.
I DO NOT treat someone nice to gain their trust or loyalty to me.

All those are you and your B*llSh*ts.


I am sad, actually.
Quite sad.
I know you have problems with me, I mean, a lot does. Haha.
But you can't just spread and talk bad about me to everyone,
even to my own friend that I am treating him nice because I have motive?! *facepalm.gif*

I am so pissed off.
Even though I do not trust the person who told me about this 100%.
Right now I just hope my friend still trusts me.
I may not be the best or nicest friend, but...

I don't lie to my friends... I...
I'm not a fake friend....


I believe in Karma.

Friday, January 09, 2009

White Hairs

So far cubex had found 2 white hairs from me.

More and more white hairs are growing.


Thursday, January 08, 2009


I wonder.
What will happen in this year, 2009?
Of course, we can't read our future.
But I'm just curious...


Year 2008.
So many things happened.

I know some people lost their trust on me already.
I do feel hurt.
They brought up issues of long time ago which is not related to current discussion.
Really, our discussion is not related at all.
Why bring up that matter..?

Sometimes, I feel that I am too young for this.
Not enough experience, not enough knowledge.
That is why people look down on me.
That is why people don't trust me.
I do, feel hurt.

I don't hate them.
Because I understand their situation.
Do they know how I feel?
How I am trying my best, to make the best out of it?
Yes, I am just a kid to you.
An immature kid, with little experience and knowledge.
But do you see that I am learning?
I am learning every single day.
You may think I am wasting my time, playing everyday.
Jobless, sits in front of the computer every single day.
Internet, I do put it in good use.
You, you know a lot of things in your field.
While I, I also have more knowledge in my field.
I don't want people to look down on me.
I don't..

People changes.
A friend, changed.
Money, is important.
But that doesn't mean you have to be like this.
So you prefer to have money than friends?
Lies. Too many lies.
Trust people no more.
I don't hate any of you.
It's just that, a friend,
A friend who used to be one of us,
so close with us,
suddenly became someone we don't know.
Who are you..?


You smile and laugh with everyone.
But your eyes.
That look, in your eyes.
Looks fake.
Sorry, but that pair of eyes of yours...
Doesn't have the sincerity.

You became better and better in lying.
But you can't fool me.
You can't fool us.
No more.