Saturday, December 01, 2007

2nd time, after 7 years.


2nd time when I couldn't hold my tears in 7 years,
because of accusal.

I don't care when people talk bad about me.

But I just couldn't resist accusal.

That's the worst feeling for me.

My whole body is cold and trembling. They saw that.

I couldn't control it.

It just hurt me so much.

It hurts me when someone accused me on something I didn't do.

It's a hurtful misunderstanding.

A very serious one.

I still feel like crying.

I'll try to be more mature.

But to forget what had happened, it's impossible.

I was hated, insulted and accused.

I am not going to complain.

This is the real world.

Good and bad things happens.

You can't please everybody.

But that won't gonna let me down just like that.

It's not the end of the world yet.


Thanks CSP fellowers, you guys are really like a family to me.
I love you all.


maslight said...

we love u IRT! XD the world is not perfect. ppl aren't perfect..dun let urself down coz others wanna be miserable ganbatte!

DiasRandford said...

All i can hope for now is the person gets what he deserves. KARMA!

Gambatte IRTeA!

mr-penman said...

remember this... there are different kinds of ppl around this world. We can't agree or think a like, certainly can't control what they think/say...

Most of them, do not have LOVE in their hearts, and we shall pray for these ppl.

therefore, need not pay too much attention to their nasty words.

You know you are being love and care, and that matters.

Here's a wonderful quote for the wonderful ppl from a wonderful individual:

LOL~ >ip

IRTeA said...

Thanks Massy, dias and penman... *hugs*

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